This Is Our Independence Day!!!

Ah, Independence Day. There's nothing more patriotic than watching a giant mothership blowing up our nation's capital...

In Avon, CO., they can’t wait to blow stuff up. That’s why, on July 3, thousands of people gather at Nottingham Park for the Salute to the USA celebration, which boasts the Rocky Mountains’ biggest firework display.

Unfortunately, I had to work last night and missed the whole thing. But Kat got to go and took some awesome pics using her Casio Exilim G* that served her well in Australia. (Those pics are coming soon, I’ll be posting them over several days after the holiday.)

So, without further ado, join me in vicariously enjoying the biggest fireworks display of the Rockies.



OK, I'll stop...

Happy 4th, everybody! Be safe out there…**

*This blog was not endorsed by the city of Avon, Twentieth Century Fox, or Casio.

**Speaking of safety, for family friendly and safe online patriotic fun, give these Patriot’s Games a try! (Click the pic!)

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